Business German

Structure Type: Course
Code: TIP0321
Type: Compulsory
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 4.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Isokangas, Sari
Teacher Team: Isokangas, Sari ; Savolainen, Katariina
Language of Instruction: English

Learning Outcomes

The aim is that the student will master the basic structures and the central vocabulary of the German language. He/she will acquire the basic oral and written skills for everyday life and get familiar with the language used in some business situations. He/she will also be able to produce the basic structures in oral and written communication.

Student's Workload

Total work load 108 h.
- schedulded studies 52 h.
- autonomous studies 56 h.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

No prerequisites are required.


Basic grammatical structures and central vocabulary of the language, phrases and vocabulary used in everyday situations and some business situations. Oral and written communication, use of reference books.


The student will be introduced, through communicative situations, to cultural characteristics of the German speaking area.

Recommended or Required Reading

Beck, A. G. Deutsch in 30 Tagen. German in 30 days. 2003. Berlin, Langenscheidt KG, Berlin und München.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, group work, individual studies.

Assessment Criteria

1=The student has a satisfactory command of the language both orally and in writing
3=The student has a good command of the language both orally and in writng and s/he can apply her/his skills in practice
5=The student has an excellent command of the language both orally and in writing and s/he can äpply her/his skills in a versatile manner in working life.

Assessment Methods

Active course participation, completed oral and written tasks and examinations. Numerical (0-5).