Languages and Communication

Structure Type: Module
Code: TIP0300
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 14.0 points
Responsible Teacher: a
Teacher Team: Auranen, Päivi ; Waltermann, Marianne ; Liedes, Pia
Language of Instruction: English

Learning Outcomes

The student understands the importance of communication in Business as well as the importance being familiar to the norms and practices of communication in the languages taught.
The student masters various communication situations in Business encounters and is able to use the appropriate communication style and register required in different situations in working life.
The student can implement their language and communication skills in practice.

Business Communication (in Finnish) (2 sp)
Business Communication (in Swedish) (2 sp)
Finnish for Foreigners I (Others) (5 sp)
Business Swedish (Finns) (In Finnish) (3 sp)
Business Finnish (Finns) (In Swedish) (3 sp)
Business English (5 sp)
The Optional Foreign Language (4 sp)