Structure Type: Part of Course
Code: TIP0204A
Type: Compulsory
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 3.0 points
Responsible Teacher: er
Language of Instruction: English

Learning Outcomes

The aim of entrepreneurial studies is to promote students to understand entrepreneurship as a one career option and as a mindset. The student will get familiar with general tools and concepts for setting up a business. After the course students are:
-familiar with some creative tools for setting up an business, business concept creation.
-able to devise a basic business concept.
-able to understand entrepreneurial mindset and behavior

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course: 81 h
-of which scheduled studies 33 h
-of which autonomous studies: 48 h
The assesment of student's own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

No prerequisites


Entrepreneur and enterprise environment, qualities of an entrepreneur, incentives of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a career and occupation, intrapreneurship, business idea, business plan, instruments of entrepreneurial decision making.

Recommended or Required Reading

Read, S., Sarasvathy, S., Dew, N., Wiltbank, R. & Ohlsson A-V. (2011). Effectual Entrepreneurship. Routledge. London

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, individual and group assignments, discussions, individual studies and presentations.

Assessment Criteria

5: The student utilises theories, concepts and methods consistently in various situations and assess the sources used.

3: Utilises essential concepts in single situations and assignments and understands the theories on which the assignments are based. (S)he takes into account the responsibilities and obligations connected with the utilisation of information (e.g. copyrights and plagiarism).

1:Recognises and understands the essential theories, principles and methods. (S)he- makes a difference between common knowledge and research knowledge

Assessment Methods

Numerical (0-5). Active particiption, individual and group assignments (50%), exam (50%).