Design of Distribution Networks

Structure Type: Course
Code: ISTS1103
Type: Elective
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 2.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Koski, Jari
Teacher Team: Mäkinen, Olavi ; Koski, Jari
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Course Implementations, Planned Year of Study and Semester

Curriculum  Semester  Credits  Start of Semester  End of Semester
I-ST-2010   3 spring   2.0   2013-01-05   2013-06-18  
I-ST-2010V   3 spring   2.0   2013-01-05   2013-06-18  
I-ST-2011   3 spring   2.0        
I-ST-2012   3 spring   2.0        
I-ST-2012V   4 autumn   2.0        
I-ST-2013   3 spring   2.0        
ST-2014   3 spring   2.0        
ST-2014V   3 spring   2.0        
ST-2015   3 spring   2.0        
ST-2015V   3 spring   2.0        
ST-2016V   3 autumn   2.0        
ST-2016   3 autumn   2.0        
ST-2017   3 autumn   2.0        

Learning Outcomes

The student receives skills for planning of low voltage and medium voltage networks and substations. The student learns the use of computer based power flow and fault calculation software. The student can also adapt the calculation software to use the property information of the changed network components.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course 55 h
Scheduled studies 28 h
Autonomous studies 27 h
The assessment of student’s own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.


The planning of low voltage network based on recommendations using load curves. Choosing the components economically using present value method in the assessment of investments and losses. The power flow calculations, short circuit and earth fault calculation and reliability calculations of medium voltage network.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures 7 h and PC exercises 21 h.