Structure Type: Course
Code: IKTS3100
Type: Elective
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 10.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Ketola, Pekka
Teacher Team: Ketola, Pekka ; Saarikoski, Lotta ; Pakka, Jouko
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Course Implementations, Planned Year of Study and Semester

Curriculum  Semester  Credits  Start of Semester  End of Semester
I-KT-2011V   4 autumn   10.0        
I-KT-2012   4 autumn   10.0        
I-KT-2012V   4 autumn   10.0        
I-KT-2013   4 autumn   10.0        
KT-2014   4 autumn   10.0        
KT-2015   4 autumn   10.0        

Learning Outcomes

The objective is to increase the student's project skills and long-term co-operation between the student and a company duirng the studies. The student learns to work in various teams, multicultural as well.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the student 270 h, of which all is autonomous

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Leading Networks and Multicultural Teams recommended.


Project studies are carried out as an independent project in a company in Finland or abroad. The topic changes according to the project. Before and after the project the requested exercises and reports has to be done following given instructions. As a part of the reporting has to give a public presentation to a selected audience.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Will be implemented in companies.

Assessment Criteria

5: The student has critically assessed the methods of project control and implementation and has given corrective suggestions.
3: The student has also described the methods of project control that are used in project plant.
1: The student has done given execises and described the project implementation.

Assessment Methods

Numerical assessment of the project or the reposrt of the project placement, self-assessment and the employer's assessment.