Electrical Engineering (ST 2018V)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Multiform studies
Start: 2018-08-01
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
IXP0100Studies and Entrepreneurship15
TLVP1101Studying at VAMK2
TLVP1202Entrepreneurship and Business Administration5
TLVP1303Environment and Quality Management Systems3
TLVP1301Foreman Competencies5
IXP0200Languages and Communication15
TLVP1401Informative Communications2
TLVP1503Writing a Research Report 3
TLVP1402Professional Swedish4
TLVP1403Professional English I3
TLVP1404Professional English II3
IXP0300Data Processing6
TLVP1102Using the Computer in Studies3
TLVP1103Office Tool Programs 3
IXP0411Introduction to Technical Mathematics4
IXP0402Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra2
IXP0403Differential Calculus2
IXP0404Basics of Mathematical Software2
TLVP1502Statistical Mathematics 2
IXP0500Natural Sciences15
IXP0502Electricity and Magnetism3
IXP0503Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics3
IXP0504Oscillations and Modern Physics3
ISTP0202Chemistry in Electrical Engineering2
ISA0100Electric Circuits12
ISA0101Direct Current Circuits2
ISA0102Alternating Current and Magnetic Circuits3
ISTA0407Calculation Methods of Circuits4
ISA0104Transient and Frequency Analysis3
ISA0200Design of Electric Devices20
ISA0201Electrotechnical Drawings3
ISA0202Work Safety and Electrical Work Safety2
ISA0204Electrical Measurement Technology4
ISA0205Computer Aided Electrical Design3
ISA0206Applications of Electrical Design3
ISA0208Power System Simulation3
ISA0209Electrical Safety Regulations (S1)2
ISA0300Automation 16
IST5003Programming Basics 5
IST5004Programmable Logic Controllers5
IST8002Basics of Data Transmission5
IST8005Automation Project1
ISA0400Electric Power Distribution13
ISA0404Electric Power Networks4
ISA0405Electrical Utilies4
ISA0403Electrical Installations5
ISA0500Electrical Power Utilisation9
ISA0501Electrical Drives5
ISA0503Converter Engineering4
ISA0600Electronics and Computer Engineering9
ITTA0307Basics of Electronics3
ISA0602Computer Engineering3
ITTA0308Electronics Laboratory Exercises3
ISTS1000Power Distribution20
ISTS1100Power Distribution Systems10
ISTS1101Relay Protection3
ISTS1102Engineering of Electrical Systems in Buildings3
ISTS1103Design of Distribution Networks2
ISTS1104Power Distribution Systems Project 2
ISTS1200Automation Applications in Power Distribution10
ISTS1201Distribution Automation2
ISTS1202Security and Communications Systems in Buildings 3
ISTS1203Automation in Buildings3
ISTS1204Power Distribution Automation Project 2
ISTS2000Industrial Electrification and Automation 30
ISTS2400Industrial Electrification and Control Systems10
ISTS2401Motor Drive Control and Protection3
ISTS2102Control and Supervision Systems 4
ISTS2402Power Systems in Industry and Power Plants3
ISTS2500Controlled Electrical Drives and Industrial Automation10
ISTS2501Controlled Electrical Drives4
ISTS2502Industrial Automation4
ISTS2503Controlled Electrical Drives Laboratory Exercises2
ISS4000Specialisation in Electrical Engineering Projects10
TLVP1304Project Management4
TLVP1305Project Work3
ISS4106Teollisuuden projektitoiminta3
TLVP1201Basics of Cost Accounting5
TLVP1203Supply Chain Management5
TLVP1302Basics of Labour and Contract Law3
TLVP1501Methodology for Studies and Research2