Over 100 Students Participated in International Trade Fair

Julkaistu 2012-12-18 08:54:57 EET.

In the first week of December the first-year business and data processing students at VAMK set up an international trade fair to introduce different companies and launch new products. The aim was to practice the use of English communication skills in a sales situation.

In teams the students developed a company and a product selection and a product launch for the fair. The developed products range was wide including many kinds of restaurants and cafes, food items as well as sports equipment together with computer products and services. Even exotic pets were seen.
The displayers had prepared well for the event: the stands were nicely decorated and an ample selection of confectionary and drinks were offered to the fair visitors. In addition to brochures and fliers lots of samples had been brought in.

The premises on the third floor festival hall in Raastuvankatu offered nice surroundings for the event, but the available area was a little tight for a ground of 100+ people. The aisles became too crowded and it was occasionally difficult to hear what was said. However, there was a lot of talking and laughter as the participants talked about the products and companies and took part in lotteries, quizzes and games.  People seemed to enjoy themselves and speak a lot of English while promoting their items!


Team Hattara.

Text: Päivi Auranen