International Business is the third degree programme to be audited

Julkaistu 2014-09-26 14:21:51 EEST.

International audit´s briefing event hold 26 September in Raastuvankatu campus. The purpose of the event was to arrange an open forum for the VAMK’s staff and students to learn more about the objectives and methods of the audit and the audit targets and criteria.

Professor Alan Davidson, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, Chair of the audit team published VAMK`s third degree programme to be audited. There is going to be also International Business to be audited as well as the degree programmes of Electrical Engineering and Development and Management in Health Care and Social Services in November.



 Professor Alan Davidson, Chair of the audit team told about background and objectives of audit. He also published VAMK´s third degree programme International Business to be audited chosen by audit team.


Chief Planning Officer Sirpa Moitus, project manager for the audit team, Finnish Education Evaluation Council (FINEEC) told about audit process and encouraged staff and students to the interview situations of audit.


Senior lecturer Riitta Niemelä gave a speech on behalf of the VAMK´s staff.


Kaisa Hakala, Student Union VAMOK, represented VAMK´s students in the briefing event.