Be educated and entertained by improvisation, Oct 28-29

Julkaistu 2017-10-26 08:33:34 EEST.

Improvisation theater Intopiukeet are having their second impro festival in Vaasa Finland at 28-29.10.2017.

This year they have amazing visitors from France and Finland and have four amazing performances and eight different workshops.

All this is happening in Vaasa Finland and you can find the Info desk from TaiKon, Itäinen Kasarmintori 7-9, 65100 Vaasa. Info is open on Friday from 17-19, Saturday and Sunday 9.30-17.30.

Workshops are in TaiKon, Itäinen Kasarmintori 7-9, 65100 Vaasa and Shows are in The Doo-Bop Club, Kauppapuistikko 12, 65100 Vaasa
More information and the time tables: