Student Exchange

VAMK offers you excellent possibilities to get international!

The students at Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK, University of Applied Sciences have great opportunities for studies abroad through the exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. VAMK has contracts of mutual cooperation with several institutions in European countries as well as in Asia, Africa and the Americas. In addition, VAMK participates in several projects funded by the European Union. These include the ERASMUS+ programme, and the Nordic Nordplus programme. In addition VAMK takes part in other programmes, such as Terve Afrikka kehitysyhteistyö ry, through which the health care and social services students can complete their practical training in either Uganda or Kenya.

The student exchanges are well established from the beginning to the end and VAMK gives financial support by awarding grants to outgoing students.

Why should I go abroad? There are so many good reasons for "why", so the question should instead be "why not?". Some of the reasons may be that language skills will improve, the student will gain international experience or that one will be able to get more options to finalize specialized studies. Experiences from abroad will also be helpful for the future career; international experience and knowledge of a foreign language are highly valued by employers today. Exchange abroad will give a competitive edge for job assignments in the future. When going abroad, one will also find new friends and learn more about different cultures and oneself.

You will not regret your decision to go international! At VAMK you can easily become international!

Each year about twenty percent of the students enrolled to VAMK make the decision and go abroad. Some popular destinations are for example the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Thailand, Spain, Poland and Scandinavian countries.

Got interested? More information from the International Office or, if you're already our student, visit the Study Portal.