Study method at VAMK

Studies may include

  • lectures
  • assignments
  • literature surveys on specific fields
  • group work
  • web-based studies
  • project studies
  • study visits or trips
  • exams
  • work placements

Written assignments

Written assignments are a part of the student's work in most study modules. Writing is always preceded by the acquisition of information, familiarising oneself with it and analysing the data. They are carried out either individually or as group work.


Communication is an important part of future working duties but also a part of learning and studying at a university of applied sciences. Many written assignments are presented orally in class, which gives the student an opportunity to practise performing and self-expression.

Contact teaching

Studies consist of contact teaching and independent studying either individually or in groups. Contact teaching is an important complement to written study material, an opportunity to work in different group situations and in language classes to practise conversation in a foreign language. In contact teaching, the teacher can provide the students with new perspectives and research results as well as share their own experiences as an expert of their field.

But you will not sit in lectures all the time! The studies include a variety of assignments carried out independently as well as company visits and projects. We also get visiting lecturers from the working life. Projects and practical works done independently or in groups deepen and clarify what has been learned during the lectures.

Projects and practical works for the corporate world

You will learn by doing! At VAMK University of Applied Sciences you study in close cooperation with the enterprises of the region, and as a student you will have the opportunity to take part in business projects and carry out projects and practical works for the commercial and industrial life. Students establish important contacts with potential employers already during the first year of their studies.

Web-based learning

Some of the study modules are carried out as web-based studies either in part or in full. A fully virtual study module typically contains material to be studied, a variety of assignments and online discussions as well as supervised work carried out independently or in small groups. There are often exams organised outside of the network as well.