Previous experiences

Adekunle - Information Technology

"VAMK - the best of its kind."

A few years ago Adekunle was still an engineering student at Lagos State University and he wanted to gain knowledge and experience from abroad and that is when he made a decision to study overseas. Adekunle first heard about Vaasa from his friend who was studying at VAMK. After passing the entrance examination in Ghana, making visa arrangements and taking care of other practical matters, Adekunle arrived at Vaasa railway station in September 2007.

Now, after spending two years in Finland, Adekunle says that it was essential to prepare himself to new challenges in Finland already back at home. He feels he was quite well prepared as he had studied the material that VAMK had sent through and through, and he searched information about his new hometown from the Internet.

Adekunle is a flexible student equipped with dynamic attitude towards life. He feels that this has helped him a lot in facing new challenges. It was quite obvious for him that things are done differently in Finland and in Nigeria. However, he says it was quite easy adjust and adapt to the systems and climate.

Adekunle values studies at VAMK a lot – the quality of studies and degrees is extraordinary and even better than one could think it is in the US or UK. It is a great advantage for students that different kinds of methods are utilized in the learning process – group work, assignments, lab work at Technobothnia using latest technologies, projects, etc… “This combined with professional teachers – one could not long for anything more”, says Adekunle.

Students in the IT group are from all over the world: Africa, Europe and Asia. This gives students a great opportunity to work in multicultural groups and learn from each other and other cultures. All the studies and services at VAMK are available in English, but Adekunle recommends international students to study Finnish language too: “This helps you in your daily life but also gives you a positive edge e.g. when applying for a job”.

Adekunle considers the teaching staff very good at VAMK. Teachers are easy to approach and they always have time to help their students. Adekunle has been very active and fast in completing his studies. He thinks that the schedule of the courses is created effectively which enables a faster performance of the degree. Therefore Adekunle will graduate a year earlier.

During his free-time, Adekunle has a part-time job delivering mail. He keeps contact with his family and friends in Nigeria by Internet. He also spends time with his friends in Vaasa and just a short while ago they celebrated Nigeria’s Independence Day which was a lot of fun.

Adekunle has travelled in Finland but he likes to live in Vaasa in a nice flat that is just a short walking distance from the university. Adekunle knew the fact that Vaasa is the sunniest city in Finland already before he had ever been here. “But for sure, this is true!”

After graduation Adekunle plans to continue his studies at Master’s level after which he wants to start his career in Finland. Adekunle is used to the environment, climate and people. He considers Finland to be a nice country: “Finland as a country is safe and clean”.

Adekunle is very happy for choosing VAMK to get his education.

“All who want to know how things are working in the real life should choose VAMK. Teachers are professional and you will be surrounded by other international students from all over the world. This is an excellent place to live and study!”