Prospective Degree Students

Department of Tourism and Catering Services

It is not possible to apply for his degree programme during spring 2013.

VAMK's degree programme in tourism educates Bachelors of Hospitality Management with versatile professional skills and good knowledge of languages to act as entrepreneurs or work as employees. An extensive degree is an undeniable advantage: the economic life is in need of experts, who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of their field.

A lot is expected of experts of the tourist industry as versatility is highlighted in the field and job descriptions cover a wide range of tasks. The central aim of education at VAMK is that students gain the skills to act in expert, developmental and managerial positions. Graduates can work in tourism organisations, hotel and restaurant businesses, and businesses of the food industry both in domestic and foreign markets. Employment in tourism in the Vaasa region is excellent.

Our department is in close cooperation with companies within the hospitality industry, making projects and thesis work provided by the working life are an essential part of studies. Students also have possibilities to participate in international student exchange or practical training abroad.

The teaching facilities of tourism students are located at the campus in the centre of Vaasa.


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