Prospective Degree Students

Field and occupations

It is not possible to apply for his degree programme during spring 2013.

The students are provided with skills to work in expert, managing and developing positions or as entrepreneurs in the field. Students specialised in restaurant services are employed e.g. in hotels and restaurants as well as in food supplying industries. Students specialised in tourism are employed in national and international tourism organisations, travel agencies, tourism companies, and in expert organisations within the tourism industry.

Employment Situation

The tourist industry employs a total of about 60 000 people in travel agencies, tour operators, programme services, accommodation and restaurant services as well as in the service of transportation businesses. Tourism offers a lot of part-time and seasonal work. For example, most of the jobs offered by programme services businesses, different culture and art events organisers, water parks and amusement parks etc. are largely seasonal.

Employment Prospects

Economic fluctuations affect the tourist industry fairly quickly. Both in good and bad times it is easier to get employed when you have extensive professional skills, which are formed by service know-how, customer considerate salesmanship and knowledge of the information systems of the field.

Demands of the Working Life

The expansion of business travel and higher demands create new skill requirements. The required future skills include customer orientation, consumer friendliness, marketing and sales skills, rapid response to changes, network-based working and innovative product development.

The increasingly stronger international competition in tourism creates new challenges for product development and marketing. The importance of the quality of service is emphasised, and people expect more and more experiences.

The ageing of the population will significantly affect the demand and supply in tourism. The appreciation of natural environment is a clear changing trend, which is also reflected in the demand for tourism products. A shift from mass production towards a more individualised direction is occurring in tourism services. Independent travel is also on the rise. Products and services need to be tailored to the needs and expectations of customers.

The work emphasises customer service, good social skills, as well as recognising and fulfilling the needs and expectations of the customers. Knowledge of the cultural background of customers, varied knowledge of languages and written communication are essential skills. (Source: