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Study IB at VAMK -videos

VAMK International Business graduates discuss the highlights of their studies and reveal where they have ended up after graduating on these videos made by the students.

Rasmus appreciated the modern teaching methods and practical training when he studied international business at VAMK. (Unfortunately the video does not work with Safari browser at the moment.)

The second year student at VAMK, Leo, tells that in International Business Studies they are working with real companies.

Marcel from Germany wanted to study in English so studying IB at VAMK was the best choice for him.

Emma chose the degree programme of International Business and thinks it gave her the best possibilities for an international career.

VAMK IB-studies set the foundation for Jacob´s career as Office Sales Manager.

Helena liked her IB-studies because they covered a little bit of everything from finance to marketing and from law to business culture.

Former IB-student Frantz thinks VAMK-education was the perfect grounding for what he is now doing at ABB.

Riita enjoyed the fairly small class sizes allowing for discussions and questions.

VAMK has many partner schools around the world. Marjaana did her exchange year in Barcelona and practical training in Berlin.

Nita recommends IB-studies if you liked to work in an international company or perhaps even abroad.

“The Best Field for Me”

Jarno Reinikainen dreams about travelling and being in a decision making position in a firm.

"VAMK truly educates international professionals!"

Viktor Asplund moved to Vaasa from Larsmo to study international

“Making music, studying, working at own company…”

Sebastian Da Costa studies in the degree programme in International Business. Besides his studies he makes music and does gigs as well as works as an event manager at Unidream Viihde, which is specialised in event and artist management.

"Definitely fit for working life"

Jessica Ilvoranta graduated in 2008. She spent her 3rd year as an exchange student in San Diego State University. After having completed her studies there she got a job at UM Imports Inc. in Los Angeles where she worked at the production department and was responsible for monitoring of the execution of the projects. Jessica is currently enrolled in the Master’s Programme of International Business at the University of Vaasa.

"Ready for the challenges of working life"

Maiju Schrey graduated in 2007. Nowadays she works as a service assistant in Vaasa at Vacon Plc, which is one of the leading suppliers of variable speed AC drives. Maiju handles service orders and communicates daily with customers all around the world. Besides her day work, she works as an aerobic instructor at a local gym.