Prospective Degree Students

Department of Business Economics

The skills of a Bachelor of Business Administration graduated from VAMK can be utilised in several fields. Our education provides the students with versatile abilities to act both as entrepreneurs and employees in the private and public sectors. Our BBAs, who have a good knowledge of languages and solid basic skills, are particularly appreciated by the employers in the bilingual, international and export-led Vaasa region.

Commercial education and language immersion have over hundred-year-old traditions in Vaasa. Today, there are almost 900 BBA students busy studying in Finnish and English in the degree programmes of business economics at VAMK. The teaching facilities of business economics are located at the beautiful and historically valuable campus in the centre of Vaasa.

The degree programme of Business Economics emphasises entrepreneurship, comprehensive way of thinking and working independently. In addition to the practically oriented basic and professional studies, the six months’ practical training period and specialised professional studies provide the students with knowledge and skills that meet the demands of the working life.

The atmosphere in the department of Business Economics is international: there are degree programmes available in Finnish and in English. Studying multilingually is not dependent on the degree programme. Student exchange is an essential part of internationality along with a rich variety of teachers with different cultural backgrounds.


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