Prospective Degree Students

The Degree Programme in International Business

Profile of the Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA (210 ects)


Key Learning Outcomes

The degree programme in International Business provides the students with the knowledge and skills needed in various demanding expert and leadership positions. English being the language of instruction, the programme prepares the students to succeed in an international business environment. Besides the student exchange and practical training abroad, our students also have the possibility to study a Double Degree in one of our four partner universities in Germany, Poland or France. The studies include practical assignments conducted for the region´s working-life.

Rasmus appreciated the modern teaching methods and practical training when he studied international business at VAMK. (Unfortunately the video does not work with Safari browser at the moment.)

Occupational Profiles

An expert in business economics

  • masters communication, information technology and mathematics and also possesses readiness for entrepreneurship
  • has knowledge of languages and entrepreneurial spirit and is also flexible and versatile
  • is employed as expert in various international organisations in Finland and
    abroad in the fields of marketing, foreign trade, forwarding, transportation and custom



 VAMK students can experience different cultures through fellow students coming from all over the world.

Basic and Professional Studies

  • Society and Entrepreneurship
  • Languages and Communication
  • Data Processing
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Business Economics and Legal Norms
  • Marketing
  • Company Economics
  • Research Process

Advanced Professional Studies

The main focus is on:

  • International Marketing
  • Foreign Trade 
  • International Management

A three-month stay in a foreign country according to the student’s choice is included in the programme, either in the form of studies or work placement. This gives the students the opportunity to improve their language skills and at the same time they will get a more profound knowledge of different business and cultural environments.

Free-Choice Studies
Practical Training 30 ects (20 weeks)

Intake 40
Application Period 10. - 25.1.2017 at

More information: Head of Degree Programme Marianne Waltermann

Emma chose the degree programme of International Business and thinks it gave her the best possibilities for an international career.