Prospective Degree Students

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences will be introduced for non-EU citizens that commence studies in Finland 1.8.2017 onwards.

Tuition Fees Charged at Vaasa UAS

  • Bachelor degree programmes conducted in English language 4000 euros per academic year
  • Master degree programmes conducted in English language 5000 euros per academic year

Scholarship Scheme for Non-EU/EEA Students 2017:

Below mentioned criteria is valid from 1.8.2017 onwards. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) reserves a right to evaluate criteria for the scholarships on a yearly basis, yet so that the criteria mentioned here stays the same for a student who have commenced studies in autumn 2017 throughout his/her study time despite the changes made later.

  • First year students: Scholarship will be granted on the basis of student's study performance. Student has possibility to apply for scholarship after first semester after completing 27,5 ECTS credits, which is normal full time study credits.  If the aforementioned criteria is not met it is possible for a student to apply for scholarship after first academic year after completing 55 ECTS credits.
  • Continuing students: Scholarship will be paid after first academic year (for students who have completed 55ECTS credits)
  • Scholarship is 5000 euros for both bachelor and master degree studies. First year students can apply for scholarship of 2500 euros after first semester (27,5 ECTS credits).
  • Student must apply for the scholarship each academic year after completing required amount of credits. 
  • Tuition fee must be paid and study place must be confirmed by 14.7.2017. Study place is conditional until the original school leaving certificate has been checked by the Admission Services and student has enrolled for the academic year and paid the required tuition fee. 
  • Students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country are also expected to cover living costs in Finland during studies (6720 euros per academic year). Receipt of paid tuition fee and a proof of sufficient funds for living costs should be provided to the Finnish Embassy when applying the residence permit for studies. More information on residence permit requirements can be found at

The fees will not concern those non-EU/EEA students who

  • have started their studies before autumn 2017
  • are enrolled in Doctoral/PhD level studies and research
  • study in degree programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish
  • are EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse / child)
  • Exchange students
  • are already residing in Finland on a permanent basis (i.e. are equivalent to EU citizens -> continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type or EU Blue Card

More information on tuition fees can be found at under the section "Am I required to pay tuition fees".

Students are also expected to pay for their living costs, travel costs, study materials etc. Polytechnics’/UAS’ students can pay an annual membership fee to the student organisation SAMOK to get a student card. The student card grants certain benefits and discounts e.g. on travel etc.