Prospective Degree Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to read something for the entrance examination?

Pre-reading material for International Business entrance examination will be updated to our website before entrance examinations. Pre-reading material is not required for Information Technology.

FINNIPS entrance examination materials are not public, hence we cannot give any sample exams to applicants.

Do I need a visa or a residence permit?

Students from EU countries do not need a visa/residence permit to study in Finland. Students from non-EU countries need a residence permit for a stay of more than three months in Finland.

More information can be found on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

How much does it cost to study in a polytechnic/UAS?

Tuition fees and scholarship schemes will be introduced for non-EU citizens that commence studies in Finland 1.8.2017 onwards. Minimum fee will be 1500 euros but higher education institution can independently decide to charge higher fees as well. 

The fees will not concern those non-EU/EEA students who

  • have started their studies before autumn 2017
  • are enrolled in Doctoral/PhD level studies and research
  • study in degree programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish
  • are EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse / child)
  • Exchange students
  • are already residing in Finland on a permanent basis (i.e. are equivalent to EU citizens -> continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type or EU Blue Card

Students are also expected to pay for their living costs, travel costs, study materials etc. Polytechnics’/UAS’ students can pay an annual membership fee to the student organisation SAMOK to get a student card. The student card grants certain benefits and discounts e.g. on travel etc.

More information on tuition fees at VAMK.

How much is the intake for IB and IT programmes? How are applicants admitted?

Intake for all degree programmes is decided on a yearly basis.  In 2017 intake for the DPs in International Business and Information Technology is 40 study places.

All applicants for both IB and IT programmes are admitted on the basis of their performance in the entrance examinations. Scale for both exams is 0-40 points. In the IT examination applicant must get at least 10 points from the examination. In both IB and IT examinations all examination parts must be passed for acceptance. 

English language skills will be tested in the entrance examination, language certificate is not required.


How will I know when and where the entrance examination will take place and what will I need to bring with me?

All eligible applicants will receive an invitation letter to the entrance examination. The letter will inform you of the date and location of the exam. You will need to bring your passport/ID, writing equipment and in some cases a calculator etc. All the necessary information about examinations will be in the invitation letter.

Vaasa UAS is a member of FINNIPS network. More information please visit address

I have already accepted a study place in a polytechnic/UAS for this academic year. Can I accept another study place in a university or a polytechnic during the same academic year?

You can only accept one new study place during the same academic term (1st August – 31st December). Acceptance of a study place is always binding and it cannot be altered or cancelled. As a rule only one study place is offered in the joint application at the highest possible application preference.

I Will Graduate After the Application Period Ends. Can I Apply During the Application Period in January?

Non-EU citizens applying with unfinished foreign qualification can apply in terms of discretionary admission as long as the final degree certificate will be provided by the deadline set in the general admission criteria.  More information about discretionary admission can be found from admission criteria

EU- citizens completing their qualification in the spring of applying can also apply without the final certificate during the application period. The final certificate should be provided by the deadline set in the general admission criteria. 

Admittance is conditional until UAS has checked the applicant's final certificates.

Is it advisable to use a fee-charging agency to help with my application process?

The use of fee-charging agencies is not recommended. It is highly recommended that applicant submits online application his/herself. Also, the applicant should always use his/her own postal and e-mail address to ensure that he/she will receive all necessary information directly from the polytechnics/UAS.

My entrance examinations did not go as well as I expected due to personal circumstances. Can I appeal?

Personal circumstances such as illness, death in the family etc. are not considered to be valid reasons for a successful appeal.

What documents do I need to send to admissions office after applying?

Applicants applying with non-Finnish qualifications have to send copies of relevant educational certificates (final higher secondary school leaving certificate) and authorised translations of the certificates (stamped and signed by the translator) into English, Finnish or Swedish to the polytechnic/UAS of the applicant’s first choice by the deadline set in the general admission criteria.

When are the results announced?

Results are published at the end of June - early July.

Where can I find accommodation?

In matters concerning housing in Vaasa, you can contact VOAS, Vaasa Student Housing Foundation.