Practical Information


Tritonia Academic Library serves research, education and studies at its five universities and universities of applied sciences. These are:

  • The University of Vaasa
  • VAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa and Jakobstad
  • Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa and Jakobstad
  • Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa

Tritonia offers library services and information service for students and staff of the universities and universities of applied sciences. Tritonia Academic Library is a public library, open for everyone free of charge.

The library’s staff will assist you in accessing the resources required for your studies. The library material includes, for example, course books, reference reading, data bases, electronic reference reading and complementary material mainly in the fields of study. You can get a library card and then take also books home. Ask the library staff, how you can get a card. In the library you can find rules of the library in different languages.

You can also visit the Vaasa city library. The main building is located at Kirjastonkatu 13. You can use the Internet for free at the city library.


City Library