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Health care

The level of health care in Finland is high. There are two parallel systems: the public health care sector financed by the government and municipalities, and the private sector. Both sectors are available, but the private services are more expensive to the patient.

Accidents and acute illnesses are primarily treated in municipal health care centres. In dental emergency, international students may turn to the dental clinic in municipal health care centres. International students should turn to VAMK nurse in health care issues.

Medicines are sold only in pharmacies (“Apteekki” or "Apotek") and for stronger medication a prescription from a doctor is needed (see Pharmacy for more information).

During your studies you have the right to services organised by the Vaasa Health Centre, which include:

- the health station doctor’s appointments
- medical care and first aid
- the school doctor's appointments in case of illness, if needed referral to a specialist
- counselling in family planning
- dental care (fees according to separate statutes)
- psychologist services
- supervision of the school's health-affecting conditions

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In VAMK – Student Health Care Services

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The aim of the Student Health Care Service is to support and improve the health of the students. The Student Health Care Service is confidential and free of charge for all students. The Student Health Care Service offers the following: student medical examinations, vaccinations, health counselling, medical care and first aid, doctor’s appointments, treatment of illness or injuries, dental care (fees occur), mental health and psychologist services, family planning services, and control of the healthy environment of the school. The staff will also provide assistance in locating other health care professionals.

In addition, each educational faculty has student care and crisis groups, which provide counselling in special questions. An important part of the work of the health care staff is to provide the necessary support to aid the students in their personal growth and development.



Students from EU-countries are covered by the National Health Insurance plan and are entitled to get a European Health Insurance Card from their local social security office. Students from non-EU countries must have an insurance covering illness and accidents.

All students may choose to use one of the private health care providers in Vaasa. The costs for these services are covered by the student, therefore a health insurance is highly advisable