Practical Information

Food and Eating

• Breakfast in Finland usually means bread and butter, cheese, perhaps porridge or yoghurt, juice, some milk products and certainly coffee (Finns drink a lot of coffee).
• At lunch and dinner people usually have only the main course. The main course is usually made of fish, chicken or meat and served with potatoes, rice or pasta and some vegetables or salad
• A particular Finnish habit is drinking milk or buttermilk with meals.
• Non- or low-lactose milk products are available. These products are marked with the word HYLA/INTO/EILA or LAKTOOSITON.
• People eat out quite seldom. There are two reasons: eating in proper restaurants is quite expensive and on the other hand people with families hold home cooking in high regard.
• For names and addresses of some restaurants and bars see

Finnish cuisine is based on dairy products, potatoes, meat, fish, vegetables and bread – dark rye bread, for instance, is for many the ultimate personification of Finnishness. Funnily enough, one of the most difficult things is to find real Finnish cooking in restaurants, though nowadays local dishes are included in many menus.
Most Finnish restaurants and cafeterias offer typical international food and the international fast-food chains have found their way to Finland as well. The larger cities also offer a number of national and ethnic restaurants.