Practical Information


NOTE! It is highly advised, that you should have some cash with you when you arrive to Finland/Vaasa. It may take some time to open a bank account and you also might need some cash to make some purchases in the beginning before you will be able to visit the bank. In many shops you can use your international credit or debit card, but not in all. So please, remember to have some cash with you!

• Banks are open Monday to Friday, opening hours vary 
• There is a queuing system in most banks. Take a number from the machine and wait for your turn.
• To open a bank account you need to present a valid passport and a certificate showing that the student is enrolled to VAMK. Different banks have different rules for opening an account.

• Major credit cards are generally accepted everywhere in Finland.

• Most common Cash Machines (ATM) in Finland are called OTTO, and they are easily recognised by their orange coloured signs.