Practical Information


VAMK has no own dormitories or any other kind of accommodation arrangements for its students. Students have to take care of the accommodation matters by themselves.

The accommodation situation for students in Vaasa is fairly good. The most common way to organize housing is to rent an apartment from VOAS, the Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa. In general, their rents are lower than in the private market, because most of the tenants are students.

A shared apartment generally accommodates 2 – 4 students. Each student has his/her own room and shares a kitchen and a bathroom with the other students in the apartment. International students usually want to reserve apartment/room with basic furniture. In a furnished bedroom there is a bed with mattress, writing table, lamp, chair, bookshelf and a clothes closet. In the kitchen there is a dining table and chairs.

There is no cutlery or any kitchen appliances except a refrigerator and stove in the kitchen, no pillows, blankets or bed linen in the beds. You can bring the basics with you from home, or you can buy them in Vaasa.

Only one person is allowed to stay in one room in the VOAS shared apartments– bedrooms are not for sharing!

The housing complexes where international students are advised to apply for housing are Tekla II, Linna, Olympia I, Suviboxi and Kalliola. Most of the apartments are furnished and the rents are moderate.

Please read through and follow carefully the accommodation instructions. The most frequent housing problem is noisy behaviour at night time. Silence is required after 22 o´clock in the evening. Many Finns start their work day at 8 (some people even at 7) in the morning. Please also pay attention where you leave your waste bags and how you sort out the waste (biological / glass / paper / mixed waste). Instructions on waste handling are included in the accommodation rules.

See here the VOAS housing application form.

For more detailed information, please contact:
VOAS (Student Housing Office),
Vaasan Opiskelija-asuntosäätiö,
Olympiakatu 3 B, 65100 Vaasa
Tel: +358(0)6 – 327 6530

The office is ususally open Mon – Tue 10 a.m – 5 a.m and Wed – Fri 10 a.m – 3.30 p.m.

VOAS is closed during weekends.

Please visit the website for information on facilities, rental condition and rules:


NOTE! Information for exchange students:

The rental agreement with VOAS is made for a fixed period for the whole semester and it can not be terminated. This means that the tenant is liable for paying rent for the whole duration of the lease, even if moving out earlier. Tenants can apply for another apartment only if staying two semesters. The change can be done for the second semester.

  • Autumn semester: August 1st/September 1st to December 31st
  • Spring semester: January 1st to May 31st


Other renting possibilities can be found for example from: or