Unforgettable start for the first study year

Julkaistu 2010-09-20 09:02:22 EEST.

The traditional get together for the first year IT students took place in the afternoon of Friday,
10th of September, 2010 on Mansikkasaari (Strawberry Island).


The purpose of this annual event is for students to get to know their group tutor and each-other a little better in a relaxed atmosphere, i.e., not in class. Also invited to the event were the dean Jorma Tuominen, the head of department Kalevi Ylinen and the study counsellor Antti Virtanen.

Thanks to the perfect sunny and warm autumn day, the grill was a great success. For the students, it
was their first time making traditional Finnish sausage (aka, makkara) on a 'makkaratikku' (sausage
stick) on an open fire. The combination of food, a nice wide open view of the Gulf of Botnia, and
people from all over the world made this a pleasant event and an unforgettable start for the new
study year!

Text: Johan Dams
Photo: Vesa Sirén