Student Union News, March 30

Welfare week

VAMOK has planned something for every day next week with the theme being welfare. In addition to the regular sport opportunities, you have the chance to go jogging, swimming, wall climbing and an opportunity to get a kick into your sexlife. First year students will also get a chance to wonder around the city to the other unit in the event Principle's control point. More info at http://www.vamok.fi/toiminta/tapahtumakalenteri.php?&language=en


VAMOK arranges We 19.04 between 22-04 springs final party in Fontana. Come and see all friends before wonderful summer holiday! The event has familiar 1,2,3 prices. Tickets in advance 3€'s to members, 4€'s to others and from door 5€'s to all.
More info from http://www.vamok.fi/toiminta/tapahtumakalenteri.php?&language=en

Answer the library user questionnaire 

Express your view on VAMK library services! The AMKIT Consortium's Quality Group conducts a customer satisfaction survey on VAMK Libraries. By answering the questionnaire you can participate in developing the services of your own library. Filling in the form takes about 10 minutes. Please answer by April 13, 2006. Link to the questionnaire https://www.optimix.org/optimix/tailor/MuFo.stm

Thank You!

Trip to Oktoberfest

HAMKO arrange a trip to Oktoberfest 22nd September to 1st October. The triprace is Hämeenlinna - Helsinki - Tallin - Kaunas - Prag - Munchen - Berlin - Stockholm - Turku - Hämeenlinna. Announcements before 31st March will get discounts. More information and announcements at the website http://www.hamko.fi/oktober