Student Union News, January 12

Membership-fees 2005 and stamps on student card spring 2005

VAMOK membership fees for this year is the same as last year. The whole year 23 euros, half a year 12 euros.

In case you only have the stamp for Fall 2004 on your student card, but you are going to study the spring, remember that your membership falls off at the end of January. So if you want to continue to be our member, come and get a new bill either from VAMOK main office at Palosaari or from the
VAMOK office at Raastuvankatu (mondays and wednesdays 10.30-12.00).

VAMOKs Board for year 2005 has been organised

The Student Union of Vasa Polytechnic VAMOK's board organised in the board meeting 3rd of January. Marjut Vanha-aho continues as chairman and other sectors have  organised as follows:

Educational affairs and Career- and recruitment: Juha Pöntinen(kopo@vamok.fi)
Students' Social Affairs and sport: Emilia Sorama (sopo@vamok.fi)
Student tutor function: Sara Brännkärr (tutor@vamok.fi)
International Affairs: Kristian Salminen (international@vamok.fi)
Information: Heidi Tuisku (tiedotus@vamok.fi)
Projects: Joni Koski (projekti@vamok.fi)
Vice chairman: Emilia Sorama

Time to apply for tutor is ending

New tutors for next year are now being looked for. Time to apply is running until  January 14th. The applying applications are found at VAMOK's office and  duty at Raastuvankatu. If you want to know more, contact tutor@vamok.fi .  Please notice, that the education for tutors is held only in finnish,  unfortunately we don't have the resources to do it in english. So you should understand finnish in order to be able to become a tutor.

Free visit for VAMOKs members to Wasa Sports Club 18 th January

VAMOK and WASA SPORTS CLUB have decided to offer a free visit for VAMOKs members. On tuesday 18th January between 14 and 16 o'clock there.is a possibility for a free visit to Wasa Sports Clubs gym if you have your studentcard with stamp 2004-2005 with you.

There is also possibility to join in two gym-groups:
At 14 o'clock Spinning 45 min
At 15 o'clock BodyPump 60 min
Min. 10 person/group. Last preregistrationday friday 14th January to e-mail address opiskelijasihteeri@vamok.fi

The entry is free with studentcard and it includes only these two gym-groups and gym. Address: Wolffintie 36. Welcome!

Career-day 1st of February at the unit of Technology and Communication

In the unit of technology and commumication is held a career-day 1st of February. There is going to be local companies presenting their function. More information later.

Party 8th of February

The first student party for this spring is held at Tuesday 8th of February at Giggling Marlin. More information at notice boards and VAMOK's webpage www.vamok.fi.