Student Union News, Jan 23

Vamok membership for the spring semester 2008

The stickers with the text "Lukuvuosi 2007-2008" is valid untill the end of September. The old stickers with the text "Syksy 2007" is valid throuh 31.1.2008. During this semester you can only buy or renew your membership for the spring, not for the whole calenderical year.

New members should fill the application to join from VAMOK's office or from the duty at Wolffintie unit. A new card and the joining fee are 10€ and the membershipfee is 13€. (23€ together)

If you are a old member and have a card, You'll get the membershipbill
(13€) from the VAMOK office at Raastvankatu, the duty at Wolffintie or by paying it to the VAMOK's account: 567008-2135257 with the reference
number: 155256. Then when you show the receipt for the bill at the same place, you will get a valid stamp.

NOTICE! If the student do not pay the bill him/herself, the name of the student should be found at the notes form, not the reference number at all.

Timetables of sport during the spring 2008

The sport's activity started at week 3.
The timetables of sport's can be found under the Memberservice -> Sport timetables menu at out website.

A new membership discount 

EYEN at Rewell Center offers free visioncontrol for VAMOK members and their family when buying glasses from Eyen.

Glasses, Eyen's own model:
1-focus, frames and lenses 1,5 refractive index, scratch resistance and anti-reflective, 70 €.
Deepsharped, frames and lenses 1,5 refractive index, scratch resistance and anti-reflective, 190  €. Progressive, frames and lenses swisscoat eco 1,5, refractive index, scratch resistance and anti-reflective, 170 € Other products -5 % of the packetprice.

The benefit is given to cash and creditcard customers on all normal priced products.

Studentmembers at the departmentmeetings

Since last year the students are represented at the VAMK departmentmeetings This is the list with the students who represents their degreeprogrammes at these meetings:
Business - Pietu Purhonen e0500656@puv.fi and Anna-Maria Nygård e0500602@puv.fi
Social - Sanna Takaeilola e0600449@puv.fi
Nursing - Jonna Vierula liiku@vamok.fi
Hotel and Restaurant Business - Anna Sjöberg e0500586@puv.fi
Machine technology - Atte Martikainen 0700711@puv.fi
Electricity technology - Olli Knuutti e0700783@puv.fi
Information technology - Kalle Hannila e0500963@puv.fi
Computing science - Kristian Salminen tiedotus@vamok.fi
Construction technology - Antti Karvonen anttikarvonen@suomi24.fi and Arto Ylinen e0401432@puv.fi
Enviroment technology - Riikka Salo e0400448@puv.fi

The Vamok board 2008

The VAMOK board has the following persons and duties:
Joni Koski, chairman
Sari Huhtamaa, educationalpolitics and vice chairman Maria Helander, socialpolitics and career & recruiting Eero Hänninen, tutor Pietu Purhonen, internal affairs Jonna Vierula, sport's and culture Kristian Salminen, information