Student Union News, February 22

VAMOK's duty during the winter holiday

VAMOK's office is closed during the winter holiday on week 9. We are open again starting from Monday 7th of March.

On week 8 and 9 VAMOK's duty will not be available at Raastuvankatu. From week 10 duty is normal again on Mondays and Wednesdays 10.30-12.00.

Sport shifts are cancelled on week 9 because of ski holiday. Notice! Football shift is also cancelled on Saturday 19th February.

Disney-week at Raastuvankatu

Students from Hotel and Restaurant Business (HR-RB-2) arrange Disney-week at the restaurant Amalia. Weeks aim is to bright up students in the middle of the exam week 8!

VAMOK's 9-Ball-tournament

VAMOK organises 9-ball tournament on Wednesday 9th of March between 18-22 o'clock in Coctail Bar Calle. Individual enrolling to the tournament. Teams will build up in Calle before tournament. Enrollings into VAMOKs office or VAMOKs duty or to address projekti@vamok.fi. Price 5€ / person (including ticket to party). Enrolling and payment until 7th of March 15.00 o'clock. Directions and rules of 9-ball in address
More information from address projekti@vamok.fi

9-ball party in Giggling Marlin starting from 22.00 o'clock. More information from noticeboards or from address http://www.vamok.fi/toiminta/tapahtumakalenteri.php.

Advantages with SAMOK-studentcard

SAMOK has made a contract with Sekvencia Suomi Co about new benefits. In the future you have benefit from Sekvencia Suomi Co's PC-Superstore -stores. Valid advantages can you check from address

Other benefits with your SAMOK -studentcard you can find from address http://samok.fi/organisaatio/jasenedut/. Unfortunately that is only in Finnish.

VAMOKs board wish you all nice and relaxing ski holiday!