Student Union News, Feb 19, 2008

Vamok fashion model gala

Royal Bar & Night 23-04
Come and win a trip to Milano in Italy
Dresscode: fashionable black / white. No studentoveralls are allowed
Tickets: In advance VAMOK's members 2€ and 4€ for non members.
From the the entry 5€ for all

Ticketsales at the Raastuvankadu unit as normal, at the Wolffintie unit in front of the restaurant daily at 11-12.

The Vamok office is closed on week 9

The VAMOK office is closed during the sportsholiday/independent studies week. Naturally there are no duty at the technical unit during the same week.

The ticketsales at the technical unit

A few weeks ago we were noticed that the coffeeshop/bookstore in the technical unit does not have time anymore to sell tickets to the VAMOK events. Due to this decission for example during the partyweeks we will have ticketsales in front of the restaurant daily between 11-12.

Who will be the teacher of the year?

In the Vaasa university of applied sciences will be selected a teacher of the year for the second time. Last year Jukka Niittykoski was chosen as the teacher of the year, who is he/she this year?
Give at least one reason why the person you choose is the teacher of the year. At the same time you will positive feedback to teacher. It is always nice to have positive feedback!

You have a month time to vote.Take part to a voting in www.puv.fi/ope

Vamok theater evening

Saturday the 8th of March 2008 at 19:00
Studentshow at Vaasan Kaupunginteatteri: Pieni Kauhukauppa (musical).
Tickets in advance from the VAMOK office 10€. (normalprice 24€)

Welcome! Note! The play is in Finnish!

Haven´t you got Nivaska for a while?

One reason may be that we do not have your correct adress. If you have moved, but did not remember to inform VAMOK about the new adress there information how to do that on the VAMOK website. http://vamok.fi/kontaktit/index.php?page=Osoitteenmuutos&language=en

Remember to checkout http://vamok.fi/index.php?language=en