Student Union news, December 12

New board was chosen

The student representatives of the Student Union of Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences, (VAMOK) had its organising meeting on Tuesday November 29th 2005. As the president of the student representatives was chosen Emilia Sorama. Sorama is buildingtechnology student of fourth year. As the vice-president of the student representatives was chosen Stiina Alikoski. She is nurse-student for third year. As the new president of the VAMOK's board was chosen Heidi Tuisku, a 22-year-old student in business economics. After an election, as the board members were chosen the following students Joni Koski, Kristian Salminen, Juha-Pekka Lammi, Sanna Torkko, Sara Koskiniemi and Jani Blankenship.

Application for tutor continues

New tutors for next year are now being looked for. Time is running until December 16th. The applying applications are found at VAMOK's office and duty at Wolffintie. If you want to know more, contact tutor@vamok.fi .
Please notice, that the education for tutors is held only in Finnish, unfortunately we don't have the resources to do it in English. So you should understand Finnish in order to be able to become a tutor.

Gluebinding for thesis

If a student wants to have gluebinding for thesis, it is possible at Tekun Kellari -bookstore (Wolffintie 30). Tekun Kellari is open on weekdays 8-15, friday 16.12 8-13. Tekun Kellari's telephonenumber is (06) 3122 161.

Inquiry for students about virtual studies

Go to the address http://www.vamok.fi/eKysely/index.php?&language=en and answer to the inquiry by the 31st December 2005. The purpose of this inquiry is to find out students' interest with virtual studies, functionality of information and needs of development.

The season of the sportshifts is over for the autumn

The season of the sportshifts is over for the autumn. Springseason begins at week 1.