Student Union News, Dec 10, 2008

The duty and the office

The duty in the Palosaari unit is open 10.12., 11:00-12:15 for the last time this semester. The duty will continue in January 2009. The Vamok office is closed between 22.12.2008-7.1.2009.

Vamok board 2009

The Vamok representatives choosed the following persons to the Vamok board for 2009.

Chairman of the board Purhonen Pietu
Airaksinen Erika
Hänninen Eero
Kasi Marika
Niemi Ari-Matti
Nordman Joni
Seppälä Pauliina

In the first boardmeeting the sectors will be specified. Salminen Kristian was elected as the chairman of the representatives.

The sport turns

The student's sports turns are arranged together with other universities in Vaasa. The turn is arranged by Vamok, VYY or KAV and is mentioned after the turn in the list. Participation to the turns requires that you have a Vamok card with a valid sticker, VYY's card with a sport sticker or a Åbo akademi sports card.

Be ready to show a valid membership before the turn.

The turns can be found at http://vamok.fi/jasenpalvelut/index.php?page=Liikuntavuorot&language=en

All the sport turns is on a break between 21.12.2008 to 12.1.2009.

VAMOK are seeking an instructor for the Thursday's turns at 18-19. The turn can be for example aerobics, dancing, fitnessboxing etc. If you are interested, please contact liiku@vamok.fi asap. 

A different kind of midwinter festival in Mira house´s café Mirage

The International Culture Society is organizing a Multicultural Winter Festival on Christmas Eve, December 24, beginning at 2 pm (14.00).

Feel free to take part until the wee hours. The party is mostly intended for those who are alone at this time, for students and those who may not have other celebrations at home, in their student lodging, hostel or block of flats.

There will be an opportunity to play cards and chess. You can take the stage to sing, read your poetry or just have your say about yourself and the state of the world.

There will be tea and coffee and buns and other light refreshments.
Payment is up to you.

Vamok wiches all of you happy holidays and a great year 2009.

More information at http://www.vamok.fi/index.php?language=en