Student Union News, 25 October

All sports are up and running as scheduled

Haalarihölkkä (overall jogging) wednesday 8.11. 17.00 o'clock

For the arrival of new overalls is held traditional overall jogging on Wednesday 08.11. There will be relaxed sport spirit by jogging as well as in new as in old overalls. The start is 17.00 from the marketplace in the Centrum. HaalariHölkkä is not a competition so everyone can participate. The track is about 3 kilometres long. Half way there will be offered hot juice. And the evening continues at Giggling Marlin.

Overalls ordeal by fire-party 22-4 o'clock

Come and give your overalls a proper start! The prices will follow the players- list that is always cheap. Notice! To this party tickets are not sold in advance! All the persons who bought a ticket to kick in- party in advance are allowed in for free between 22-23 with the overall patch from kick in- party. At 23.00 the normal ticket sales begins and tickets cost 5€.

Studentweeks at Vaasa bloodservice

Welcome to Vaasa Bloodservice! We are open mon, tue, thu 12-18 and wed, fri 10-15. Adress: Alatori 1 A, 5th floor. We especially hope to get new donors.

Time to apply for tutor is now running!

Apply for new tutors for next year are now being looked for. Time is running until Nowember 30th. The applying applications are found at VAMOK's office and duty at Wolffintie. If you want to know more, contact tutor@vamok.fi.
Please notice, that the education for tutors is held only in Finnish, unfortunately we don't have the resources to do it in English. So you should understand Finnish in order to be able to become a tutor.