Student Union News

Membership-Fees 2004 and Stamps on Student Cards Spring 2004

VAMOK membership fees are:
whole year 23 euros
half year 12 euros

In case you only have the stamp Fall 2003 on your student card, but you are going to study the spring, remember that your membership falls off at the end of January. So if you want to continue to be our member, come and get a new bill either from VAMOK main office at Palosaari or from the VAMOK offices at your home unit.

VAMOK serves its members

During this spring VAMOK is going to have its duty

at Business Economics and Tourism on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11-12 o'clock
at Health Care and Social services on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11-13 o'clock.
VAMOK's office at Technology and Communications is open every weekday at 10-15 o'clock.


The first student party for this spring is held at Wednesday 21 of January at Giggling Marlin.
SITS 28 of January, at a place called Sala Cella at Rewell Center.

More information: http://www.vamok.fi