Rehtorin Rasti Event to first year students April 6

Thursday April 6, at 1:00 - 3.00 pm

Rehtorin rasti (Rector's control point) is a part of the student's welfare theme week and is directed to the first year students to enhance togetherness and raise awareness of the positive impact of fitness to well-being.

The happening starts at both campuses at 1.00 pm towards Sisäsatama where the students are welcomed by rector Jouko Paaso. Students gather at the campus restaurants c. 14.15 pm for coffee and sweeptakes.

The happening is arranged by the Student Union Vamok in co-operation with VAMK´s Welfare Committee.


More information:

Study Counsellor Hilkka Vuorensivu
Tel. 326 3510, hilkka.vuorensivu@puv.fi