It's time to give feed back on study units. The group that gives feedback most can win an evening at VAMOK sauna!

The link to the study unit feedback has been opened. You can give feedback on all study units you have completed and, thus, improve VAMK. Your constructive feedback is very important; it is read both by the teachers and their supervisors.  The summaries of all feedback given are also dealt with by the Management Team.

Last year the students of VAMK distinguished themselves - more feedback was received at VAMK than in other universities of applied sciences in average. But there's always room for improvement. The more you give feedback, the better you are heard.

This year, after each period, it is calculated which department has increased their feedback rate most. There is a lucky draw among the groups of this department and the prize is an evening at VAMOK sauna.

Is your department most active in giving feedback?

More information:
Quality Manager Tarja Kettunen, tarja.kettunen@puv.fi