International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations to be held in Vaasa in June

KMO '2008 Third International KMO Conference
Vaasa (Finland) June 24-25, 2008

Knowledge has been described as a critical competitive asset of organizations, strategic for their competitive advantage.

The third International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO) aims at providing an international forum to present and discuss research streams focused on information and knowledge management issues, as well as to shed light on recent advances knowledge management systems for organizations.

The scientific objective of the conference is to identify challenging problems for the development of knowledge management systems, as well as to identify future directions of research and focusing on closer link between academia and industries.

The conference is organized jointly by Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences, University of Vaasa; Hanken university  of economics and business administration; and Staffordshire University

More information:
Principal Lecturer, Doctor of Science (Technology) Marja Naaranoja,