Even better support services through feedback

Giving feedback on study units is already familiar to the students and given feedback has been utilised in the development of study units. And the development work continues. Support services that function well facilitate the studies; therefore we would like to have feedback on the functioning of these services. Support services refer to all operations that support studying, e.g. services provided by the student office, international office and library. 

Dear Student, you will soon receive a letter by email with a link to an e-questionnaire. We'd like you to take this opportunity to give your opinion on the functioning of the support services and on how they could be improved. Using the link down here  you get the access to the e-questionnaire on support services. You have time to reply till 24 February 2008.

All replies will be dealt with anonymously but if you want to enter the lucky draw and win an iPod, please, give us your contact information in the questionnaire.