Enrolment for academic year 2009 - 2010

All students are to enrol once a year for attendance or non-attendance. The enrolment is made for the whole academic year.  

The enrolment for autumn 2009 is open 11 April - 31 August, 2009. Those continuing their studies enrol through WinhaWille on the Intranet at https://secure.puv.fi/wille. Students who have exceeded the standard graduation time enrol at student office.  

Students who have not enrolled will lose their right of study.

Non-attendance can be changed to attendance in mid-semester. The change on the part of spring semester has to be made by 12 January 2010 at the student office. 

The student can enrol for non-attendance during the studies for altogether 2 years, but only for one semester at a time. The student who has exceeded the prescribed graduation time, cannot enrol for non attendance.

Best Regards

Erkki Kokkonen, Manager of Study Affairs