Be Global
- Get a Trainee from Abroad -seminaari Vamkissa 30.11.

Date/time: Friday 30th of November at 8:45-12:00
Place: Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, Raastuvankatu 31, Vaasa festival hall (RA319)
Target group:  Representatives of enterprises and organizations in the region of Ostrobothnia, degree students from abroad and teaching personnel in universities and institutes of higher education in Vaasa.
Theme: The aim of the seminar is to encourage employers to recruit foreign degree students who want to do their practical training in Finland. Getting a foreign trainee enhances the international position of your company and offers a great win-win situation involving cultural interaction. This seminar is a meeting place for employers and foreign students and also venue for immediate recruiting.

The seminar is free of charge. Please register latest at 23th November 2007 to annika.torniainen@puv.fi , tel. 040 831 4420 or
camilla.stenback@puv.fi , tel. 0400 113896.

Seminaarin ohjelma pdf-liitteessä.