Application for degree programmes in English on Jan 11 - Feb 12, 2010

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences offers three degree programmes in English during the application period of 11th January -12th February 2010. The application period is same for both Finnish and foreign students, only one application. Studies begin in autumn, 2010.

Apply at www.admissions.fi.

- Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, 240 ects
Specialised know-how in embedded systems, software engineering and telecommunication engineering as well as project learning in robotics and robosoccer.

- International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ects
Specialisation in International Marketing and Foreign Trade or Asian Business, both including a three-month stay abroad.

- Tourism, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, 210 ects Extensive knowledge from the field with possibility to study Asian hospitality in Thailand.


Those who have completed or are completing Finnish Matriculations
examination, IB-, RP-examinations, vocational qualification
of three years or non-Finnish qualification.

50 % of the applicants will be admitted on the basis of the combined points for previous school performance and the entrance examination (applicants with Finnish Matriculation Examination and IB-examination). Points in this admission group are 30 points from the school performance and 70 points from the entrance examination = 100 points.

50 % of the applicants will be admitted on the basis of the entrance examination (applicants with non-Finnish certificates and Finnish applicants with vocational education). Points in this admission group are max. 100 points from the entrance examination.

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