Living in Vaasa and Finland


There are a lot of different kinds of shops all around Vaasa; most of the shops are situated around the market square in the city centre. If you need to purchase something with a small amount of money, it could be a good idea to visit one of the charity shops and flea markets in town. In these shops, you can find especially kitchenware, books, clothes etc.
There are a number of Finnish grocery shop chains in Vaasa that can be considered to have very reasonable prices: Citymarket, Siwa, S-Market, Minimani, Halpa-Halli and all the K-markets.

Supermarkets are usually open Mon-Fri 9-21 and Sat (8) 9-18
Special shops are usually open Mon-Fri 9-17 (or 18) and Sat 9-13
Stores smaller than 100m2 can be open on Sundays from 12-19 (e.g., Siwa)

Only exceptions for these opening hours are summer holidays and Christmas time, when all shops are open during weekends. Please also note, that on holidays the shops are closed (like Epiphany, 1st of May etc.)

The Second Hand Shops are a good place to get basic goods such as plates, pans, kitchenware, clothes and much more. The prices are much lower than in the department stores.

Some addresses for shops:

Second Hand Shops, Charity Shops and Flea Markets:
FIDA lähetystori, Teräksenkuja, Hovioikeudenpuistikko 19
SPR Monitori, Meijerikatu 9
T. Kuusela, Myllykatu 7
Wanha Makasiini and Army shop, Pitkänlahdenkatu 49 – 51
Vaasan kirpputori, Meijerinkatu 7
Suvikirppis,Meijerikatu 15
Myllykirppis,Varastokatu 5
Jupiter-myymälä Meijerikatu 9
Huonekalukirppis, T:mi Charles Lindholm, Meijerikatu 7 (mainly furniture)
Oma-Tori, Liisanlehdontie 2 in Vanha Vaasa

Department Stores/Grocery Shops:
Anttila, HS-Center Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16
Citymarket,Hovioikeudenpuistikko 7
Minimani, Laivakatu 13
Halpa-Halli, Vaasanpuistikko 19