Living in Vaasa and Finland

International tutors

All the international exchange students will have their own personal student tutors, who will guide them during the first few weeks of their studies at VAMK. Tutors are 2nd or 3rd year students who have volunteered to tutor without any monetary compensation. They will help you to create the team spirit in your class and guide you in the practical side of things.
The tutors will show the exchange students around the VAMK as well as the city of Vaasa. They will also guide you in the system of studies. They are happy to help you with problems you might have.
The new international degree students will not have personal tutors. Instead each international class will have a group tutor. The tutors are there to help the students in the same way as the personal tutors, but they are more concentrated on issues with studies.

How much foreign students have contacts with their tutors depends on both sides. If you wish more information or you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact your tutor! Finns are sometimes shy and reserved and if a foreigner does not take an active role, Finns think that the foreigner wants to be left in peace.

Remember that also the personnel in the Student Office and the International Office are there for you when you have questions or when you need help.