Living in Vaasa and Finland

Health Insurance

Prior to the departure from the home country it should be made sure that the student has a personal health insurance that has full coverage if he/she is not covered by the national health insurance. The student should know the conditions and risks covered by the health insurance plan because there may be differences from one country to another.

Citizens of the EU and EEA countries are covered by the Finnish National Health Insurance plan administered by KELA (the Social Insurance Institution). When arriving to Finland, student must have the European Health Card with him/her. The card must be obtained from the local social security office before arriving to Finland.

As of 1st September 2007 a student from a non-EU country must have a valid health insurance issued by a reliable company or institution if he stays more than 3 months. Please see Finnish Immigration Service for more information on health insurance issues.


NOTE! International Degree Students and Nursing Exchange students:

It is recommended, that the incoming international degree students bring a doctor’s statement filled out by his/her own doctor from the home country when arriving in Finland. The statement includes results from the most common tests and also a thorax should be taken. This does not apply to exchange students (except nursing students).