Applying for Bachelor Degrees conducted in Finnish

VAMK has 12 Bachelor degree programmes which of 10 are in Finnish and 2 in English. In addition there are 3 Master degree programmes in Finnish.

The Joint Application System

The joint application system to the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) is a national procedure that all Finnish UAS use when selecting new students to degree programmes in Finnish or Swedish. A student can apply for admission to four different UAS or degree programmes by filling in one application form.

Students can apply for admission to UAS twice a year by the joint application system. Application periods are in spring and autumn. However as most of our programmes start in autumn, the joint application in Spring is the main application period. Only few programmes start in spring semester each year.

More detailed info about joint application system and requirements can be found from the Finnish National Board of Education

Selection Criteria

Points are awarded for grades in the matriculation examination, upper secondary school leaving certificate and a vocational qualification of a minimum of three years or a corresponding international or foreign qualification, for work experience and for the entrance examination. The application results will be given in the middle of July.

The One-Place-Per-Student Provision

A person admitted to a university or a UAS may accept only one study place in a Degree Programme during one academic semester. This means that when a student has been accepted to a Degree Programme he/she must confirm his study place and the confirmation is binding.

More Information

See our Finnish pages for more information about applying for Finnish degree programmes.