Roles and tasks

Client – Development need

  • Companies and other organisations are the clients
  • Development need is restricted together with the supervising teacher
  • Meeting with the teacher and students
  • Submitting the necessary information to the students
  • Participating in the presentation of the results
  • Giving feedback on the project
  • Remuneration according to the contents and scope of the assignment

Student – Implements

  • Students of VAMK implement the  research and development assignments
  • Projects are implemented as assignments within study units, as theses, free-choice studies or project studies.
  • Credits are granted for all work you complete.
  • The student chooses the assignment of his/her own liking
  • The assignment is implemented according to the contract and study unit
  • Making the project plan
  • Meeting with the client
  • Keeping contact with the client
  • Implementation of the project
  • Presenting the results to the client
  • Self-assessment and feedback

Teaching staff  – Supervises

  • The teachers at VAMK supervise the implementation of the assignments
  • Refers the contacts from working life to Yritysklinikka
  • Restricting  the assignment together with the client
  • Finding the students for the project
  • Approving the project plan
  • Meeting with the client
  • Supervising the students during the implementation
  • Assessing the final report/results/learning process
  • Participating in the presentation of the results
  • Grants the credits
  • Developing Yritysklinikka activities in one's own instruction

Coordinator  – Administrates

  • Coordination of Yritysklinikka activities at VAMK
  • Contacts with working life, companies and other organisations
  • Informing of the assigments at VAMK
  • Quotations and contracts
  • Takes care of invoicing
  • Collecting  and processing of the feedback
  • Planning and developing Yritysklinikka activities