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Student projects offered for working life!

At the Company Clinic, the students of VAMK implement customised research, development and innovation services for companies, private persons and other organisations.

The projects are implemented during the academic year in our educational units and the projects are supervised by our experts teachers. The development needs are determined together with the client and the project is fitted to the client's schedule during the academic year. The projects benefits both the students and the client. The students get to apply the theory they have learnt in practice and the client reveices the research or development results for use.  The client will have to pay starting from 250€ for participation, depending on the contents and scope of the project.

If you have an assignment in mind, would you, please, contact us well in advance so that we can find suitable students and schedule for your project.

Do not reinvent the wheel, you can ask for low-cost help from the Company Clinic!