Applying for Exchange

Applying for Exchange

Here you will find information about the process of applying for exchange abroad. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

You can apply for student exchange if:

  • you are enrolled at VAMK
  • you have successfully completed at least one year of studies prior to the exchange period, at least 55 credits/year
  • the studies/training undertaken during the exchange are accepted as part of the degree, student needs to have acceptance and reference from his/her department
  • to be able to receive grant from VAMK, exchange period or practical training needs to be done during normal study time (3.5 or 4 years in full-time education).

The length of student exchange is one semester. Double degree studies in Business (Cracow, Mannheim, Heilbronn or Kiel) last one academic year (60 credits).

Student shall plan the exchange period so that it she/he will graduate on time. This means that the scope of exchange studies is 30 credits/semester.

Take some time to find information and do the preparations for your exchange. The exchange experience is certainly worth it. When a student first decides to complete a part of their studies abroad, one of the most important and crucial steps has already been taken; the decision to go international!


Please fill in the  Application Forms electronically or CLEARLY by hand.

Application for Exchange:

1.             Application for nomination

2.            Learning Agreement

For Erasmus studies in EuropeLearning Agreement (Subject Area Codes)


For Erasmus traineeship in Europe: Training Agreement


For studies and traineeship to be completed outside EuropeLearning Agreement

3.             Transcript of records in English  (=Opintosuoritusote)

(4.              Kv-vaihtopassi Hoitotyö (PAKOLLINEN hoitotyön opiskelijoille )

Additional documents which may be needed

•             Language Certificate(only if requested)

•             CV (in case of practical training)


When you have been accepted by the receiving institution it is time to apply for grant,

Please check the instructions from Financial Issues


Application Process

The main application period for student exchange is at the end of February each year (last Friday before the Independent Study Week). After the February application round, the available places for the following spring can be applied for continuously until the 15th of September. Please note that some partner Universities have their application deadline early and thus you need to submit your nomination documents to VAMK international office well on time.

It is important that you get familiar with the application process before you apply, so you know what to expect and when. Please remember to follow the deadlines for applying so there will be no surprises and both institutions, and also you, will have enough time to arrange your exchange abroad.

We aim to send abroad all students who meet the requirements and whose learning agreement has been signed by their head of degree programme (Technology) or Study Counsellor (Business and Health Care and Social Services). However, as the number of places for certain partner university may be limited, some selection may need to be done. In that case we will compare: 1. the study year 2. number of credits completed 3. grades 4. motivation


Applying: Step by Step

Step 1: Consider your timing and goals as well as your country of interest. Check the academic calendar of receiving institution.

The lenght of the exchange period depends on the semester of receiving institution. VAMK does not pay grant if the length of the exchange is less than 3 months. 


Step 2: Discuss your exchange plans with your Group Leader / Head of Degree Programme / Study Counsellor and  the International Coordinator

or in the case of practical training with the training advisor of your department.


Step 3: Discuss and work out a study plan and fill in the Learning Agreement/Training agreement

Complete this together with the Head of the Degree Programme or a teacher appointed by the Head of the Degree Programme (Technology) or Study Counsellor (Business and Health Care and Social Services). They may also have good ideas or recommendations for the exchange destination. Familiarize yourself with the study guide of the host institution, agree on the preliminary study plan, timing and courses to be completed. When you return to VAMK, the Learning Agreement helps the accreditation process of courses completed abroad.


Step 4: Submit the Application for nomination

Fill in and submit the Application for nomination form including all required appendices to the International Coordinator. Students accepted by VAMK will be nominated to the host institution by the International Coordinator. Host Institution will contact you how and where to fill in their application and which appendices are needed. The host institution will make the final decision. Please note that this may take some time.


Studies and Credits

Studies and practical trainings abroad will be considered a part of your degree at VAMK. Studies completed abroad can either compensate some of the compulsory studies/trainings or they can be credited to the optional studies. Please note anyhow that the scope of Optional Studies is only 10 credits. Learning the language and culture of the specific country are also important objectives.

Language Certificate

One of VAMK’s language teacher’s will evaluate the language skills of the student applying for exchange if needed. On the basis of the interview the teacher gives a language certificate to be included in the application.

In some cases an official language test is required (e.g. for exchange in the USA) to prove the level of knowledge of a specific language and to make sure that the student is able to undertake their studies.The language tests that are most common when applying to foreign higher education institutes are:

  • English language: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (The International English Language Testing System), CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English), CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)
  • German language: ZdaF (Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache), KDS (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom)
  • French language: DELF 1 and 2 (Diplome Elemetaire de Langue Francaise), DALF (Diplome Approfondi de Langue Francaise)

Language preparation is of course always advisable. In some countries and host institutions, intensive language courses are arranged before starting studies or during the semester.

SoleMOVE - Information system for International Staff and Student Mobility

SoleMOVE information system is created for processing International mobility. It is meant for administration of co-operation agreements, contact information, applying for exchange electronically, mobility documentation and producing mobility reports and statistics for EU or Ministry of Education.

VAMK has SoleMOVE information system into use (rekisteriseloste, file description)