3 § Degree programmes, degrees and degree titles

The operation and granting of degrees at VAMK is based on license granted by the Finnish Government to Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoululle – Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab (VAMK, University of Applied Sciences)

The language of tuition and examination at VAMK, University of Applied Sciences is Finnish. Degree programmes in Finnish can include study units or study modules implemented in English or Swedish when it is serving the purpose in the field that is being studied and it supports the student’s internationalization. Correspondingly, degree programmes in English can include study units and study modules in Finnish to support the student’s integration into Finnish working life. 

The scope of the programmes leading to a Polytechnic degree is between 210 and 240 credits. A credit is defined so that the total work load of the student to attain the objectives corresponds to 60 credits (1600 hours). The scope of the programmes leading to higher Polytechnic degree is 60 or 90 credits.

Polytechnic Degrees and degree titles provided by VAMK, University of Applied Sciences as follows:

Business and Administration

  • Tradenomi (AMK) (Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 cr.

The fields within the educational responsibility: Business Economics and Information Processing

Health Care and Social Services

  • Sairaanhoitaja (AMK), 210 cr.
  • Sosinomi (AMK), 210 cr.
  • Terveydenhoitaja (AMK), 240 cr.


  • Insinööri (AMK) (Bachelor of Engineerig), 240 cr.

The fields within the educational responsibility: Construction and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Energy and Environmental Technology, ICT, Mechanical Engineering.

Higher Polytechnic degrees and related degree titles:

Business and Administration, higher Polytechnic degree

  • Tardenomi (ylempi AMK), 90 cr.

Technology, higher Polytechnic degree

  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), 60 cr.

Health Care and Social Services, higher Polytechnic degree

  • Sairaanhoitaja (ylempi AMK), 90 cr.
  • Sosionomi (ylempi AMK), 90 cr.
  • Terveydenhoitaja (ylempi AMK), 90 cr.

VAMK, University of Applied Sciences has a responsibility to take care that those student who have started their degree prior to the current license came into force have a right to take their degree and be granted the degree title at VAMK, University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the legislation that was in force prior to the current license.