Security Instructions


Rescue Plan

Rescue plan and the places for assembly in crisis situations will be found here soon.

Emergency Measures

Educational Videos

Educational videos  of deviating situations concerning security can be watched clicking the following links (only in internal network or with VPN/Citrix-connection):

To view the videos full screen you need to have Flash Player 9 installed.

Video Surveillance

To improve security of students and staff all the estates of VAMK are equipped with banding videos. The material can be used by police to solve possible criminal events.

Safety feedback / Near miss-declaration

With this form You can report Your remarks concerning safety, potential security threats, as well as your ideas to increase safety in Vaasa university of Applied Sciences. You can also report near miss -situations. The form is sent automatically to Security Manager,  who will take appropriate action.

Building Cards

There are building cards on hallways and classrooms showing the nearest exits and fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarm buttons locations. For your safety, please check out these cards!